Can’t We All Get Along?

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Published on February 12, 2011 with 10 Comments

Did you see that Twitter showdown between Eskay of Nah Right and Noz of Cocaine Blunts? It was so good it didn’t even need salt. I watched it unfold, white cheddar popcorn and Coke Zero in hand. White cheddar popcorn is the best. Try it sometime.

Anyway, the way those two blog titans went at each other’s throat you’d think one stole lunch from the other in high school. It was the blog beef equivalent of Jay-Z vs. Nas. If you missed the war of words, here’s a sample:

I don’t know what started this particular beef. But it resurrected one undue criticism often leveled against Eskay–that he posts more music than words. Isn’t that implying that there’s only one acceptable form of music blogging?

Nah Right critics also seem to suggest that the site is somehow aiding the death of hip-hop. Unless Eskay and his co-conspirators are walking around injecting people with brain worms, there’s no reason for this beef to exist. The lane is wide enough for different brands of blogs to cruise in–underground and mainstream, music-focused and news-focused. And, yes, even the ones that favor cruise control.

No two magazines are exactly the same. Some offer expository prose on current events, while others report the events with the sole purpose of keeping readers informed. Time and Reader’s Digest don’t serve the same purpose. Yes, it’s perfectly okay for blogs to be as diverse as the dinosaurs they’re seeking to replace.

Noz’s rich analysis and Eskay’s so-called string of links are equally valuable to the game. You need both. I have a great deal of respect for both bloggers. Noz’s deep knowledge of hip-hop and keen sense of observation help foster smart discussion. Nah Right’s confluence of timely content and capsule posts influenced many by foreshadowing a web world dominated by same (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc).

The bottom line: I respect both, but for completely different reasons. Nothing stops them from doing the same with each other. People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Do it for the kids. Shine and let shine.



Rizoh is the most powerful man in all the lands. He lives in Houston where he earned a BS in Nerf Herding. He's the founder of The Rap Up, the former editor of, and is in the Grammy-awaiting band Pervertable Disciples.

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  1. pretty sure this started out b/c Tyler The Creator went in on eskay about not posting “Yonkers” – Noz RT’d a few things and it escalated

    • O.I.C.

  2. *dead* at “Your life’s legacy is a string of dead links.”

    • Yep, Noz definitely had him with that one.

  3. Seriously this is kind of a corny post. Dude didn’t even pick a side. When did hip hop become so sensitive? I’d tell these two to stop w/ the crying an child’s play. I follow nahright on twitter but that’s all. No emotional connection to dude. As for Tyler, the dude might be on to something as far as his music goes. It’s definitely different.

    • Pick a side? What is this, Mortal Kormbat? How old are you?

  4. Khal,I hate to burst your bubble, my man, but I wrote that post. All the posts on the blog have tags. Only those tgegad with ‘joell’ (and categorized as ‘site blogs’) are written by him.The rest is done by a team of bloggers, including myself, Dallas Penn, Greg Cee, and Joell’s manager, Mike Heron.Just wanted to clear that up.I’m drafting a post right now about it.Thanks for the link love though, of course.

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