Weezy Explains “Green and Yellow”

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Published on February 04, 2011 with 16 Comments

I just heard Weezy’s “Green & Yellow” for the first time. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. What would possess a man to go and ruin another man’s anthem? Wiz Khalifa should exert revenge by freestyling on “6 Foot 7 Foot.”

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  1. Please don’t tell me you actually like Wiz Khalifa…song is lame, dude is lame, and if you lived in Pittsburgh, you’d feel like the entire movement was lame. Green and Yellow isn’t good either, but yea, let’s not act like Black and Yellow is some great song, hahaha

    • i didn’t think i could hate lil wayne more than i already did… until he came out with this trash song. one of the worst songs i have ever heard from anyone ever, and he is jumping on the bandwagon. it’s nauseating.

      • No, it’s not the greatest song in history, but it’s still a hell of a smash. And way more original.

        • green and yellow? riz, you can’t seriously like that song. it’s trash on a whole other level.

          • Nah, I meant “Black and Yellow.”

      • I don’t think he’s jumping on the bandwagon (Stated before his loyalty to Green Bay).

    • Why not?

  2. Gee whiz, and I thguoht this would be hard to find out.

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  10. Jag trodde inte ens att översättare var tillåtna att komma med egna uppfattningar.. de är ju översättare, inte tyckare.. skumt, och väldigt b-igt av förlaget! Fast böcker bör ju läsas på originalspråk så då slipper man i alla fall den fadäsen.Läste att Daddy gått bort i cancer :(

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