Cee-Lo on Gnarls Barkley’s Future

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Published on March 17, 2011 with 1 Comment

With Cee-Lo Green focused on his solo career, it’s only natural for Gnarls Barkley fans to speculate on the duo’s future. Fret not. Cee-Lo confirmed to CNN that Gnarls Barkley’s future is safe.

Asked whether he plans to reconnect with his Odd Couple partner, Cee-Lo responded with an emphatic “Of course.”

He added: “It’s an enigma, if you will. It’s a monster. It’s a noun. It’s a person, place and thing, you know what I’m saying? So when I’m emotionally able to go back in that hole in the wall, I’ll go back in there. And Danger Mouse will be waiting for me, Afro intact.”

“We have an awful lot in common. He’s a very funny guy. You wouldn’t know it. He’s very smart. I’ve described Danger Mouse on a few occasions as a picket fence around my garden of wildflowers, can you dig it? Makes sense.”

Now, about that Goodie Mob reunion we were promised?



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  1. I’d rather see him back recording with Goodie Mob

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