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Published on March 14, 2011 with 2 Comments

This is Delo. Delo is a “Houston rapper,” but there are little to no regional colloquialisms in his work, a feat that has become more and more common the past two or so years.

Hood Politics Vol. 2 is his follow-up to last year’s Hood Politics Vol. 1, a 70 percent good tape that generated a small but recognizable amount of buzz for Delo. While there are a couple of unnecessary tracks on the new volume (namely “Get Doe” and “Back Up In My City”), HP2 is mostly sincere rage and empathy and honesty. The specifics of the tape are fun (“Khloe,” a song about his toddler daughter, is remarkably unguarded; Devin the Dude shows up on “Ridin'” to wander his way through a chorus in that effortlessly likable way that he’s mastered; etc), but they’re not germane when discussing the reason why you should download it.

HP2 is good for several reasons (ambitious production, quality features, fairly thematic), but it’s important for one: Delo exercises an ability to avoid what others are doing musically without explicitly trying to do so. That helps him foster a modern sound that feels traditional. And that is spine of all important music.

Also, he samples Zach De La Rocha in a rap song without sounding like a douche, which is just about impossible to do these days.

Download Delo – Hood Politics Vol. 2

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