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Published on March 28, 2011 with 1 Comment

RANDOM AXE Word Jumble

Here in the TRU headquarters we’re all looking forward to the Random Axe project set to drop on Duck Down Records. Black Milk, Sean Price and Guilty Simpson on Black Milk beats, what’s not to like? If the whole album is on the same level as their previous collaborations we’re looking at a definite top 10 of 2011 candidate. But even though it’s undeniably the most important part of the deal, quality tunes alone won’t sell an album these days. Which is why Duck Down Records found a creative way to get the hype started:

Staying within the theme of the project, the group has devised a word scramble consisting of 20 key words associated with the project. Hints on the key words include the obvious…group name, individual artists, down to the more specific details…hometowns, previous solo artist albums & even the first 5 out of 15 track names on Random Axe’s album. More importantly, the official street date is somewhere within the board of letters.

Fans can email with their discoveries on the 20 words. The first person to get it correct will receive a custom prize package from Duck Down Music consisting of a fitted new era cap, signed albums of his/her choice & free entry to a future Random Axe show in his/her town.

As for the release date of the album, here’s a hint from your friendly neighbourhood rap blog:

RA - June Fourteenth

Hat tip to 2dopeboyz.



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