Identity of Ready to Die Baby Revealed

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Published on March 20, 2011 with 1 Comment

For seventeen years, many music fans have wondered: Who’s that chubby kid on the cover of Biggie’s Ready to Die? For seventeen years, no one knew the correct answer to that question. Not even Diddy. As a late 3/9 anniversary gift to Biggie fans, the NY Daily News may have solved one of hip-hop’s B.I.G.G.E.S.T. puzzles. The kid on the cover of Biggie’s masterpiece is Bronx native Keithroy Yearwood.

Bad Boy paid $150 for the 2-hour modeling photoshoot that graced the cover of Biggie’s masterpiece. You’re probably wondering why it’s taken so long for Yearwood to speak out. He says that no one believes him when he tells people he’s the chubby kid on the cover of Ready to Die. So, he stopped yapping about it. His mother had to dig up tons of baby pictures to prove to that it is, in fact, Keithroy Yearwood on the cover of B.I.G.’s groundbreaking debut.

Some of the 3 million fans who bought Ready to Die assumed it was a baby pic of B.I.G. That was to be expected. Diddy held a casting for the shoot and the gig went to the baby that most resembled Biggie. Funny, dude grew up looking nothing like Frank White.

Anyhow, Big Poppa-sized mystery solved. Now we can all sleep better.



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  1. thats news..i always thought twas biggie as a baby.

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