Lupe Fiasco Hearts Odd Future and Lil B

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Published on March 03, 2011 with 9 Comments

Former Rookie of the Year Lupe Fiasco cosigns outstanding newcomers Lil B and Odd Future. He also weighs in on the feud between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Lupe has been making the media rounds to plug his widely despised album, Lasers.

Here’s Wasalu and Tyler a week ago.

[This Odd Future post is dedicated to HappyFlip, the most powerful Trubian of all time.]



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  1. See another OFWGKTA related post, and I love Lupe’s expression when he list his the rappers hes listening too right now, theres basically nobody. 2010’s only good hip hop albums were Son of Chico Dusty and MBDTF. Fuck I hate this state of hip-hop, your album Lasers is a dud and I can’t even put you in my fav rapper now Lu, your only as good as your last album man.

    • But it’s dedicated to you.

    • But it’s dedicated to you.

    • Seriously? I could probably list about 30 good hip hop albums from last year without naming Recovery… Maybe stop hating and have an open mind?

      • He didn’t even say J. Cole or Jay Electronica…hes like Lupe but 10 times more mature and ill.

        • I personally think Jay Elec is a doper MC than Lupe, who IMO is overrated these days, but Jay Elec is the same guy who told Benzino that Eminem was working for Satan (in a quite literal sense). Idk if that counts as mature. Granted, Lupe acts like a diva many times, but when it comes to maturity, who can really say?

    • …and The Roots, Curren$y (twice), Black Milk, Gangrene and Refelection Eternal.

      Huh. Maybe the year wasn’t that bad.

      • I dont know maybe it wasnt bad…but It wasn’t ground breaking either…I started listening to more hip-hop during 2006-2009 and those three years, right just before the recession and a bit during produced great hip hop albums, but now man its like any one has the opportunity to just blow the culture away but no one is stepping up to the plate.

  2. Diggy? Diggys one of his favs? Probably because they are labelmates. I hate when rappers only (mostly) list people on their label as their favorites.

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