Odd Future’s Wild and Weird Billboard Cover

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Published on March 10, 2011 with 4 Comments

Many of you cried foul when XXL snubbed OFWGKTA in its 2011 Freshmen issue. Wipe your tears. Danyel Smith and team took it upon themselves to give the wild and weird L.A. posse a well deserved cover feature. These things have a way of sorting themselves out, you see.

Oh wait, my intern just informed me that Odd Future did, in fact, cover XXL last month. Here it is:

[The Juice]



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  1. Was it weird that Lupe was hanging out with these dudes. They aren’t only atheists but they seem to be anti-religious, and Lu’s real religious.

    • No, that’s not weird at all. Lupe hangs with everybody.

      • We’ll I’m religious enough that I probably wouldn’t associate myself with someone who doesn’t like my religion…doesn’t matter how good they are..I dunno..”Association” by Nas?

        • I assume you had this same concern about Lupe associating with Kanye West and a bunch of other christians, right? Since it’s a much bigger disparity, considering Kanye West and Lupe both believe the other is going to hell. Non-religious people just believe we all die in the natural way that all evidence points to. The religious believe they are right without proof and everyone who doesn’t believe what they do is wrong. Seems like something that would be harder to reconcile between two people. Also, godisimaginary.com. wolf gang.

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