Complex Found Earl Sweatshirt

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Published on April 14, 2011 with 4 Comments

Well, Complex caught the “find Earl Sweatshirt” bug and went wolf-hunting. After an exhaustive search, they found evidence showing that Earl Sweatshirt is actually in Samoa, not Africa as I previously suspected. He’s supposedly in the Coral Reef Academy where American parents send unruly kids. Tyler denies it, but there’s overwhelming evidence to support this theory, particularly this blog entry by a U.S. Ambassador. I bet Coral Reef’s number is ringing off the hook right now.

And how did everyone miss this clue? You bloggers suck at blogging.

Complex Found Earl Sweatshirt [Complex]



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  1. the complex article is borderline stalkerish

    • Yeah, I just left my family a note saying if I ever go missing, please call Complex before you call the law.

  2. would be hilarious if 4chan started bombing those dudes phone lines.

    earl would be fucked, all kinds of extra duties.

  3. why does that picture look kinda photoshopped ?? idk for sure … not gonna say anything tell tyler says where he is

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