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Kent M$ney, Va native and current Cali repper, made a huge impact in the world of underground hip hop with his mixtape, “Becoming” that dropped last year. After rocking SXSW with his Surf Club family, Chase N. Cashe and Hit-Boy, he took time out to introduce his sound to TRU Nation. Read on to learn more about who he is, what he’s about and how he feels about the rap game.

TRU: First things first, who are you? where are you from and who/what do you rep?
I’m Kent Money from Norfolk, VA, currently residing in the inland empire and i rep the surf club.

TRU: Why did you start rapping?
I’ve always been good with words and I’ve always had this love for music. When I was younger, I used to record over my mom’s tapes without her knowing. We would take car rides and out of nowhere you would hear my voice saying “aint no party like a east coast/west coast party” in the middle of the song. I just grew up loving it. Once i realized I had a voice that captures peoples attention, it’s been nothing but a go. I can tell you a story or kick game to you in my raps, but the inspiration people get from my music reminds me why i started everytime. The joy it gives me is then given to other people but with my own words and understanding.

TRU: Do you ever see yourself stopping?
Rapping? Yes, eventually. Not anytime soon of course, but I know the time will come to step back and just be that family guy and be a mentor those going through the same things that I’m currently going through.

TRU: Whats your favorite song that you ever did and why?
A recent song I just recorded called “Fear of Flying” produced by the homie Donyea G of The U. It just sums up some of the things that hold me back from doing a lot of things I want to do now. It also tells people that I have a clear understanding of what i want. But don’t get me wrong, all my songs are my shit. I love them all.

TRU: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years on a world tour, learning different things about different cultures as I grow musically. Also, a great amount of albums sold by that time. If theres no growth 5 years from now, then i really aint shit, but im certain I’ll be doing what I love with the people I love around me.

TRU: Describe your music in 3 words..
Inspirational, timeless and honest.

TRU: Who do you create music for? (who is it supposed to appeal to?)
I create music for everyone who understands the difference between wants and needs. There is no target age, group or demographic because music is more about emotion than sound to me. The greats in music move everybody, because they never really made songs for a certain group or age, it was more about your situation and understanding.

TRU: What was the 1st rap song you ever memorized?
I would say “Can I Live” by Jay-Z. It stuck in my brain like glue.

TRU: What’s your favorite song (in general)?
“Sky’s The Limit” by The Notorious B.I.G. It doesn’t matter when (or where) it comes on, I switch to straight little kid at the concert. mode

TRU: If you could do a song with anyone who would it be?
It would have to be between Jay-Z, Kanye West or Raekwon. One of them, I’m not picky. One day it’ll be a possibility.

TRU: What’s your opinion on the state of hip hop today?
It’s interesting to watch how everyone tries to brand themselves. People are skipping the music part and trying to brand themselves, but really have nothing to brand. Hip hop used to be about what you had to say. Now it’s more about “what’s your gimmick”, which I have nothing against. I just feel like the art of it needs to be revived.

TRU: Do you feel as if there are too many rappers in the world?
I feel like there are waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too many. It’s really not for everybody. People don’t realize what it really takes to make a song that people will listen to for a long time. As soon as n*ggas got a hold of their favorite instrumentals and guitar center gift cards all hell broke loose. The internet gives n*ggas this false sense of appreciation and they take it as motivation. Then others see it, the cycle continues and 3 new rappers are born from that. It’s much more than making words rhyme and punchlines, its a culture.

TRU: What’s so different about you as a rapper?
I don’t rap for attention. I rap because I love to do it. Fame doesn’t drive me. I’m inspired by life, so the material shit that most envy isn’t important to me. Anyone can walk up to me and have a regular convo with me. I’m extremely humble, I dont do it to have enough clout to shun n*ggas.

TRU: If you weren’t rapping what would you be doing?
I would probably be a youth counselor to be honest, or a marriage counselor.

TRU: When will you feel that you’ve made it?
When everyone around me is financially free and I see nothing but continuous smiles from the people I love, then I’ve made it.

TRU: If there was one thing about the rap game that you could change, what would it be?
The sucka shit, it’s hit a new level. N*ggas have to keep it G. Too many emotions amongst n*ggas who don’t know each other well.

TRU: What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?
That I’m rude. I’m actually very humble and personable lol. Y’all gotta love a G.

TRU: When’s the next project dropping and whats in store for it?
The next project is coming this summer called “Eyes Wide Shut”, it’s gonna be more current life versus the story telling of my last one. This one is gonna be just as special as the last one.

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Listen to his new songs below:
Kent M$ney – “Miracle” (prod. by @IamYezzo)
Kent M$ney “Fear of Flying”(prod. by @IamYezzo)


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