Wu-Note: Wu-Tang Meets Blue Note

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Published on April 04, 2011 with 6 Comments

Graphic designer Logan Walters reimagines Wu-Tang covers in the Blue Note aesthetic. The covers inspired a Shaolin Jazz mixtape, due 4/11/11. It’s reminiscent of the hip-hop superheroes mockups. Here’s the entire Wu-Note gallery below.

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  1. These are pretty damn amazing.

  2. ….a nigga thought that Wu-Tang had been “covered’ by jazz artists. Almost shit bricks.

    but foreal, show me a link to that and ill buy/bootleg…..bootleg

    • That would be the Shaolin Jazz mentioned in the NPR article linked above. It’s coming out on 4/11/11.

      • preciate it

  3. There is some extremely cool stuff here, the ODB covers alone are classic, the Forever design is brilliant in it’s simplicity and that Tical design beats the ish outta the original!

  4. these remind me of old vinyl covers, because they are done so simply that it takes it back to a time when people didn’t have good graphic programs. skill wize these suck, but they look decent because we remember classic stuff looking like this and relate it. but any half ass designer could create this whole catalogue of designs in an hour.

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