Are The Grammys Unfairly Targeting Ethnic Acts?

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That’s what Paul Simon and Carlos Santana believe. The Grammy Award committee recently removed over 30 categories (effective per 2012) and these artists, among others spearheaded by four-time nominee latin jazz artist Bobby Sanabria, are protesting the decision. They believe “ethnic music” is overrepresented among the removals. Paul Simon already sent a letter to comittee chairman Portnow asking him to reconsider:

I believe the Grammys have done a disservice to many talented musicians by combining previously distinct and separate types of music into a catch-all of blurry larger categories. … They deserve the separate Grammy acknowledgements that they’ve been afforded until this change eliminated them.

Sanabria calls it “a subtle form of racism” and is also less than satisfied with the way their criticism is handled:

He’s being arrogant in saying that it’s written in stone when we have a chance to get these categories reinstated

Portnow however, feels personally slighted and asked for the protesters to take their efforts in a positive direction.

They’ve done a great job in mobilizing the community to do something. If the community has been mobilized, let’s take it to the next step … a positive direction

Whatever direction Portnow is implying is unclear, but reinstating the categories is off the table until 2012 has been evaluated as far as he’s concerned. Meanwhile, Sanabria is uinmpressed by his call for positivity.

You don’t stick a sword in somebody’s back and then when they’re bleeding say, let’s come together.

Peep the whole story from AP here.



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