Snap Judgement: Bad Meets Evil – “I’m On Everything”

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Bad Meets Evil EP Cover Art

Last month, we covered Royce’s “Writer’s Block”, which featured a pretty meh hook from Eminem. Now that Bad Meets Evil has realigned, we expect a certain quality of track from these two assassins. We asked then for a real example of what these two can do when they’re on their game… not going to say they LISTENED TO THAT SPECIFIC POST, but this shit right here? This shit right HERE!?!? Thank You Bleached God.

To be fair, Eminem and Royce going in about killing or drugs will, for the most part, be a win. It’s not hard for them to come up with a cavalcade of bars about how fucked up they can be, and this beat from Mr. Porter is perfect. The intro, which grabs a random Mike Epps commentary on the different things kids get high off of, and turns his sing-song naming of their drugs into a proper hook for, you guessed it, those same young kids! With this dropping during the unofficial start of Summer, don’t be surprised if this is blasting out of the whips of suburban America all weekend. Just has that thump, allows these two to truly one-up each other, and boy do they ever. Royce takes his lead from that Mike Epps bit and rides the beat like an expert. It’s almost as if he’s the guy who shows up drunk and is looking around the party, seeing all kinds of debauchery going on… then he starts partaking as well. During one particular lull, he happens upon Eminem, hunched in the corner, spewing all kinds of rhymes (his extended pasta bit in the 2nd verse, for example), seemingly relaying stories of past drug-induced adventures. They find something more potent – some tabs, some shrooms – and spend the third verse going ham. Quicker flows, trading bars, completing each other’s sentences. Just a grip of fun for those of you who are high or get high on fun lyricism from two swordsmen. Or is that drunken masters?


Bad Meets Evil – “I’m On Everything”

Bad Meets Evil - "I'm On Everything"



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