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Kool G Rap - Riches, Royalty And Respect

Kool G Rap drops his eighth album today. There are emcees bestowed with titles like ‘veteran‘ or ‘pioneer‘ but when it comes to G Rap, even those fall short. The man is a mothaf*****g cornerstone of the culture. Thankfully, his new album doesn’t fall into the far too large category of ‘meh’ albums by guys who once built this genre we love, it’s genuinely dope. Sure, not all beats on the album are Alchemist bangers and it’s not exactly revolutionary in both content and execution. But it does have some serious spitting throughout the whole album, and when the beat is on as well, G Rap is on!

Case in point, ‘Going In‘, a concept track somewhat reminiscent of Weezy’s ‘Dr. Carter‘, if that song was about doing damage in stead of metaphorically saving rap. It may not be litterally about saving the genre but it does remind one of the raw power a hardcore rap track can have, and does that in a way that can still teach a lotta young’ns. Just try not too start ice-grillin’ everybody around bumping this track, similar to taking this banger off repeat, it won’t be easy.




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