This New Danger Mouse Video Will Leave You Amazed

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Seriously. Trust me on it. This video above though? That’s not it, that’s some ‘making of’ material that’s well worth checking out itself. The actual video can’t be embedded due to it needing it’s own website (, an up-to-date HTML5 browser (Chrome is recommended) and a decent graphics card. If you’ve got all that you’re in for a digital treat, so go take a look.

Of course, no matter how cool the visual experiment, if the music sucked it would’ve been pointless anyway. But it doesn’t. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi created an album inspired by Ennio Morricone’s legacy featuring occasional vocals by Jack White and Norah Jones that does justice to it’s lofty aspirations. You don’t namedrop one of the 20th century’s best known, selling and admired composers and then drop a half-assed album, and DM stays steady on his feet.

This whole thing is a perfect example of reverence for the past and simultaneously embracing the potential that the future holds. It’s encouraging to see artists from various field joining in an effort to push the envelope and even forging a platform for others to get creative along with it. Go take a look and create your own 3d-character, listening to Norah Jones hum in your ear while your at it. There are definitely worse ways to start your Monday.



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