2Pac’s Lost Album With The Boot Camp Clik

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Today would’ve been the 40th birthday of the late, great Tupac Shakur. I still remember reading a tiny, inconguous news article back in the day reading in some crappy pop magazine my lil’ sister braught home (this was before web access and Pac didn’t make a lotta headlines around my way); “American gangsta rapper dies”, or something similair. It was Pac, I couldn’t believe it. I’d been blasting California Love like crazy, a 14-year old white kid throwing up dubs, and now he was gone. Damn.

We can spend all day reminiscing on what would’ve been had Pac lived and I know for damn sure I would’ve been more than interested to hear what a mature, 40 year old Tupac Shakur would’ve wanted to share with the world. One thing we can be sure of though, had Pac lived, he would’ve ended the coastal war.

In spite of how paranoid Pac sounded on the Makaveli album, he was already working on a collaborative album with The Boot Camp Clik called ‘One Nation’ that was supposed to squash the whole east vs. west beef. Duck Down Records CEO Dru Ha recalls:

I’ve been doing this now for 16 years and I’ve been in the studio with everyone we can think of and I’ve never seen anyone work the way he worked. I don’t even know where he pulled the energy from. He would just write the rhyme like right on the spot. Fuck them people that say that they don’t write, Pac would just write it. He would be in the booth doing it in one or two takes and then call the next emcee up. If they didn’t have their shit ready, he didn’t care if it was The Outlawz or if it was Buckshot. ‘Next! Next!’ He would just dismiss the emcee. It was never like, ‘nah, nah it’s cool, take your time.’ He put the pressure on and he kept the pressure on. It was intense and it was cool to watch.

The full Dru Ha piece is here, but we’ll do you one better and once again hit you with the whole album. They’re the original tracks, so no posthumous remixes or stuff like that, strictly OG versions. Here’s my favourite joint of the album as a preview:

Wherever U R ft. Big Daddy Kane

Happy birthday Pac.

2Pac & Boot Camp Clik – One Nation: The Album (Unreleased)


01. Let’s Fight
02. Tattoo Tearz
03. My Own Style (feat. Greg Nice)
04. Secrets of War
05. Wherever U R (feat. Big Daddy Kane)
06. The Struggle Continues
07. Brothaz at Arms
08. Worldwide Dime Piece (feat. Greg Nice & Snoop Dogg)
09. Military Minds
10. Thug Nigga (feat. Greg Nice)
11. Bonus: Military Minds (version 2)



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  1. Awesome.

  2. Awesome.

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  3. Is there an updated link to the file? The current one is broke.

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