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Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's

Strange Music rapper Tech N9ne has been dropping solo albums since the ‘90s, and over the years he has gained a steady following due to his exceptional rhyming skills and his rapid-fire delivery. More recently, Tech’s name cropped up on various hip-hop blogs and message boards for his collaboration with Lil Wayne. Some lauded him for expanding his musical reach, while others marked him a sell-out. The collaboration, titled “Fuck Food,” is included on Tech’s latest album. Read on for the TRU’s verdict on All 6’s and 7’s.

Technically Strong as Ever
Tech is just as masterful on the mic as he’s ever been, with his ultra-fast delivery and remarkable hardcore lyricism still intact and backed by generally solid production. The best example of this is “Worldwide Choppers,” on which Tech brings in some of the fastest spitters from across the globe for one of the best cuts so far this year. Other guests add flavor to the album; even B.o.B. drops by to rip up “Am I a Psycho.”

The Long and Short of It
Unfortunately, the album is dragged out, spanning 24 tracks. Surprisingly, the skits aren’t the issue. The problem is songs such as “Pornographic” and “You Owe Like Pookie, which, aside from being weak, don’t fit conceptually with the rest of the personally reflective album. “Fuck Food” features solid verses from both Tech and Wayne, but also fails to mesh well with the rest of the album. Songs such as these should have been left on the cutting room floor for a more focused listening experience.

The Bottom Line
Unlike label mate Brotha Lynch Hung (who is absent on All 6s and 7s), Tech’s latest offering is not served well by length. Even some of the album’s lyrically-sound songs have less of an impact due to the album’s long running time. Still, when Tech is on, he is really on, and exceptional rhyming makes songs such as “I Love Music” and “Cult Leader” noteworthy cuts for hip-hop in 2011. Overall, All 6s and 7s is a solid effort that could have been better had Tech cut some loose strands off his finished product.



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