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Published on June 21, 2011 with 8 Comments

Here’s the discussion Loopy Fiasco had on the O’Reilly factor. When even papa bear O’Reilly (© Stephen Colbert) says your criticism of Obama is way outta line you should know you’ve just put on your tin foil hat.

Anybody find it to be a very weird sensation to be kinda sorta halfway agreeing with Bill on something? *Cold shivers* He still doesn’t let people finish, has an insulting tone towards hip-hop culture and regularly draws wild conclusions, but least he has his facts straight (re: the beginning of the Afghanistan war).

UPDATE: Apparently they’ve cut out some points he tried to make, but come on, it’s Faux News, what do you expect? Lupe still doesn’t need them to make his banter seem foolish though, he’s got that covered all by himself.

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  1. Lupe’s not crazy. Don’t be insulting. C’mon man, you’re part of the media yourself. You saw the headline “Lupe fiasco calls Obama a terrorist”. That’s SENSATIONALISM. Just pick out the most attention grabbing part no matter how out of context it is. Lupe makes a valid point. The USA has and still does what some would call a form of terrorism. We see this in how they manipulated several countries in South America and the Middle East into furthering their goals and not the will of the people in those countries. America is run by people who see the world in terms of profit and Lupe is highlighting what most people like to gloss over. Like my history teacher. And the blind over patriotic people in this nation. Look back to the 80s and you’ll see several instances of America’s interference and manipulation of the leaders of countries. In the fight against communism, America became like the enemy it wanted to fight. We were all more or less happy when Obama was elected. But he’s not God and he cannot change the system to a noticeable degree. Just because Lupe observed that Obama in the bigger picture is just like anyo other person presiding over the gov’t policies doesn’t mean you must dub him crazy. He’s smart and at least he thinks for himself without pandering to sentimental feelings.

  2. A wise man once told me don’t argue with fools. Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.

  3. Like Chappelle said, the worst thing you can call someone is crazy (or in this case, Loopy)…it’s dismissive.  I’m actually surprised that this is coming from someone with the description you have on here “battling Big Brother and The Illuminati.”  You believe in the Illuminati, but you think Lupe is crazy?

    • Honestly, I think Lupe is a pretty smart dude and I can even understand the point he’s trying to make. He just uses such ridiculous amounts of hyperbole that he does more damage than justice to whatever point he tries to get across. That being said, I’m no stranger to ridiculous hyperbole myself, as evidenced by my tongue-in-cheek bio. But while my bio is done for comedic effect, Lupe is very serious with these claims.

      • I’m not really seeing the ridiculous amount of hyperbole, though.  America does commit actions that foster terrorism.  Not all of these actions are intended to do that, but the results of some military actions indeed do give justification to demagogues worldwide.  You want to talk about hyperbole?  Calling the U.S.A. a noble nation, lol…that’s hyperbole.  I don’t think it’s bad for a nation not to be noble (indeed, a nation’s purpose isn’t to be noble), but it’s at the very least misinformation to suggest that we are a noble nation.

        I also want to note that O’Reilly actually does sound reasonable sometimes.  Not all of the time, but sometimes, lol…Re: your bio – Considering all of the musicheads I’ve heard that actually believe in the Illuminati (and that X or Y is a part of it), you’ll have to forgive me for taking that at face value, lol

        • You’re right, America does do that, I certainly wouldn’t deny it. But by saying something like ‘Obama is the biggest terrorist’ (i.e. him personally, bigger than anyone in Al-Qaeda, bigger than the repressive Saudi government, bigger than the IRA, bigger than the upper echelon of the Taliban, bigger than Israeli colonists, bigger than the bombers in ETA, either as a perpetrator or catalyst, really, that’s not hyperbole?) he diffuses his own point and gives O’Reilly full opportunity to easily paint him into a corner.

          My biggest problem with Lupe’s comments though, are his (imo) misguided justifications for not participating in the political process, I fully went into that here: Thanks for the clearheaded level of this discussion by the way, y’all TRUbians impress me, even when I’m not agreeing with y’all 100%.

          • Haha, well I think we try not to be assholes all of the time, hahaha…I think level-headed discussion is probably the most important aspect of a democracy or republic.

            I think he clarifies that he means the American government/military complex in general, rather than specifically President Obama…it’s just that the American Head of State/Commander-in-Chief is President Obama, which makes him the ‘biggest terrorist.’  I also think that in terms of scale, we have been involved in more nations, combated more factions, and overall fostered more ill-will than any of the examples you gave, except for possibly the Israelis (but a lot of their clout comes indirectly from us anyway).  

            I agree with your comments on him not voting though; the idea that not participating in something at all will work out better than actually participating and attempting to change something is…misguided at best.  

          • “I think he clarifies that he means the American government/military complex in general, rather than specifically President Obama”

            You’re right, and I get that point, but he DID litterally say Obama is the biggest terrorist in his original comments. Even if he didn’t mean that litterally, it allowed O’Reilly the opportunity to make him look like a fool. That’s precisely what I mean with his hyperbole damaging rather than supporting the discussion.

            “I think level-headed discussion is probably the most important aspect of a democracy or republic.”

            I couldn’t agree more, but you know how website comment threads quickly turn to shouting matches. I’m just glad TRU has such sophisticated commenters.

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