Blogger Recalls 2008 Feud with Tyler, The Creator

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Published on June 13, 2011 with 10 Comments

This is a story about meeting the hype before the hype, the famous rapper before the fame. This post details my first interaction with Odd Future leader, Tyler the Creator, before he and his crew were catapulted to the stardom they enjoy now.

The story centers on the Hypebeast forum, which was pretty popular at the time. I use to visit the site to converse, debate, and drop opinion on upcoming artists. I built quite a following on Hypebeast because of my ability to provide a critical review with no extra BS.

On May 5th, 2008, I happened to be browsing aimlessly through the forums until noticed a thread by a member named “bloxheads.” He posted a new beat that he had created, and I replied with some praise and constructive criticism. I really liked the beat, but I just thought it was a bit choppy.

Well, “bloxheads” was actually a name that Tyler The Creator was using at the time, and he didn’t take too kindly to my comments. I had said it had a Neptunes sound but it wasn’t smooth. In real Odd Future fashion, he tried to attack me for my POV.

We went back and forth for a bit, exchanging attacks with each reply. I had said that the reason I liked it was only because it sounded like Neptunes and he was unoriginal, his response was “being original doesn’t matter” and so on.

I ultimately said “good luck with your career as a bandwagon jumper,” which is hilarious in hindsight seeing that his career has exploded. He definitely had to be original to get to this level. Tyler & Odd Future are definitely not a typical group nor do they share similarities with any other groups out there.

Maybe I sparked their originality. Ha, no. But it’s an interesting story nonetheless.

Read the whole thread here.


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  1. you just sound like a lame dickhead in that thread man. you obviously give yourself way too much credit. wack.

    • What exactly does he give himself credit for?

      • being some kind of a music critic/mentor. 

    • Rae, you’re outta line for this one. All he did was point out the obvious, and Tyler freely admits he’s influenced by the Neptunes. Go to your room now.

      • rizoh. first off, i love your site. so no disrespect. but you missed the point. your boy sounds like he thinks he has a superior music opinion that clearly needs hearing. i disagree.

        • Rae, I know you love us. We love you long time.

          Now the thing about sparking their originality? I’m pretty sure Alex was kidding about that. He says so in the post. It’s an interesting coincidence and I personally asked him to share it with TRU. I’m going to feel like a douche if everyone comes out swinging at him for sharing his story.

          • i really dont even care that much. i guess i was just in a mood to post some dick comment. keep up the good work mofos. 

          • You got to keep in mind that at the time, there was no “Odd Future”.. so providing feedback was the norm for when an upcoming artist/musician posted their music on a thread.

  2. I want people to be self-important when they give feedback — because I want their honest opinion.


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