D Double E – Bluku! Bluku! Ft. Dizzee Rascal

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London, stand up tall! Contrary to Nas his declaration a few years back hip-hop is still alive and kicking, but it would sure be easy to get the idea it’s become stagnant. For some refreshing sounds that aren’t bootleg Maybach Music beats or actual ‘freestyles’ (can we please stope calling ‘em that?) over Maybach Music beats, it might be rewarding to take a look at what’s happening in the land of milky tea, scones & grime.

Those that have been following Dizzee on Twitter might’ve been blasted with #BLUKUBLUKU tags on the past week. While I wasn’t mad at his turn to a more pop-friendly sound for his last album (which still had a load of enjoyable summer anthems) it’s very good to hear Raskit back on his sonic stomping grounds of sounding like he’ll stomp somebody into the ground. We’re not condoning violence here on TRU but D Double did clearly tell y’all not to snitch. Oh, you have no clue what “Bluku Bluku” means? We’ve got you covered:

Raise a pint of lager* to Passion Of The Weiss

*Uhm… blabla rain, silly walks, bla bla fish ‘n chips, have I hit all the stereotypes by now?



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