Lupe Fiasco Talking Out Of His Ass Again

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Published on June 09, 2011 with 10 Comments

We’ve already handled Lupe’s factual inaccuracies when criticizing Obama in his controversial single ‘Words I Never Said‘. Now Wasalu is upping the ante by calling Obama “the biggest terrorist” and saying he does not plan to vote since there is no politician he can fully get behind.

It’s a criticism you hear often when people say they don’t vote, variations on “I don’t participate in the system ’cause the system is broken, maaaan,” and it’s a huge crock of bullshit.

If you believe the system is broken then work towards changing that system. You have the tiniest sliver of influence on this system that you say you despise but you can’t even be bothered to use that influence? You can decide your level of activity in the democratic process in any way you see fit, from forming your own political movement to simply stepping into a voting booth and picking out whoever is the least offensive candidate to you. You’re trying to tell me there is no difference between candidates or your vote doesn’t matter? Bull. Shit. If you can care enough to complain about it you should at least care enough to colour a scrap of paper/press a single button for a chance to change what you’re complaining about. There are people in this world getting shot in the face, fighting for nothing more than this right you so callously throw away. You believe your leader is encouraging terrorism with wrongful foreign policy? That is an excellent reason to go out and vote.

Stop disguising apathy as activism, they are very different things.



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  1. You seem to be confusing voting with activism.

    • Nah, I’m just saying that denying to vote is not a form of activism, at least not in this case. My $0.02.

  2. A public figure like Lupe making a statement has way more of an influence than the utterly meaningless vote of any individual. 

  3. I LIKE i like. Love this post but what im wondering tho is if artists role as influencers has been completely forgotten. I mean as an artist (even if you don’t like his music one must admit he is an artist as long as one still believes music to be art, as I do) Lupe has the absolute pleasure and ability to spit stanzas which have transformative impacts on their immediate listeners. Artists don’t have to be thinkers, they just have to inspire thought. Strictly in my opinion it is not the artists task, nor is it the reason we give them voice, to herd us to their articulation of their (or any One) TRUth. Rather, again strictly in my opinion, it is the artists task simply to force us into thought. This is not to undermine or devalue artists importance in any way for thought really is nothing without something that forces it and shapes it. More important than thought is that which leads to thought. So when you criticize Lupe for not speaking his TRUth by taking A stand in a system or political party I would counter with saying that he is encouraging his (obviously many) listeners to take their own stand. Only then can the stand we take be TRU. Lupes influence on the system happens just by us listening to him. I mean just look at the response you took. It got us people talking about somethin. In my opinion we need more people to strictly say the system is wrong or something is wrong. It then gives us space to fill the void with something we think is right. Too many people are too assured of their position or reassured in aligning with someone elses position. strictly in my opinion of course. Think of the impact and message it would send if noone showed up to vote in your next election.  

    • “Think of the impact and message it would send if no one showed up to vote in your next election”

      I don’t think that’s very realistic, an amount of people will go and vote regardless of what a musician says no matter how influential he/she is, so staying home only amplifies the vote of people that do go out. If the people who vote are no longer comprised of a reasonable cross-section of the population that wouldn’t suddenly change the system nor it’s laws but it would empower a disproportionate section of citizens. If you want to change the system, fight it. A call for political inactivity won’t change anything.

      Of course, Lupe is entitled to his opinion as much as as I’m entitled to disagree with it, one of the greatest perks of democracy.

      • I realize that its not likely simply because of the fact that it amplifies the vote of people that do go out. So everyone is scared now not to vote. I was just trying to make a point that hoping someone will change the system by voting them through the system seems naive. I mean a politician isnt different from other creators in the fact that their main goal is self-preservation. What incentive do they have at all to change the system if thats the one that got them in in the first place. The whole body just seems necessarily resistant to change. I simply cant associate fighting the system with voting. voting is part of the states apparatus of capture which keeps people thinking that every 4 or 8 years theres some ‘change’ coming. Is not voting the answer? no probably not. I just meant that if literally noone showed up to vote (an unreasonable wish I know) then the system and its laws would HAVE to change.  

  4. Everyone knows that freedom selldom wears a tie. Politicians have lied to the public over and over and over again, whether in the US or elsewhere. Unfortunately the sad truth is that most politicans more often than not care more about their own wallet than their own people. Backdoor deals, fighting wars under false pretenses, the list is endless. And ain’t you from Holland? If Im not mistaken it was Wilders who gave up some of his breaking points within 24 hours after he got elected. And did your government not refuse to give any clarifications on the decision-making process to participate in the Iraqi war?  Is Lu always correct? Hell to the naw. But to think that going out and vote really SIGNIFICANTLY makes any difference is plain foolish. In the words of the late great Adorno “advice to intellectuals: let no-one represent you”. Government is nothing else than a word for “people ruling over other people”. At least Lupe understand that and questions the system. Even though Im not sure about good alternatives, I do know that politics is just hogwash…

    • You’re completely right about Wilders, and probably about most politicians. My problem with Lupe’s comments is that they excuse apathy, which is sure to lead to nothing. Everyone can choose their own level of participation in democracy from forming your own grassroots movement to casting a vote (or, granted, even doing nothing at all). Though a single vote might not have much effect (I described it as “the tiniest sliver of influence” myself), it’s also the very least you can do. It doesn’t take a lot of effort.

      If someone can’t even be bothered to the most basic thing possible in the democratic process his complaints about it’s eventual outcome do strike me as hollow.


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  6. It seems to ME the WRITER is DOING THE SAME!

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