Online Fundraiser For Style Wars Restoration

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Published on June 09, 2011 with 6 Comments

Anybody who wants to know what Hip Hop is all about should see a film called Style Wars.

- KRS-One

The legendary Style Wars has been available as a great DVD-release for years now (and can not be recommended enough), but a Blu-Ray release will have to wait, but hopefully not too long. The original print of the film has faded while in storage for decades and restoration of the film will cost a hefty $500,000.

However, the movie creators are organizing a fund raiser on the official website. Buy a limited edition print, the DVD, pre-order the Blu-Ray disc or donate some cash and your moolah will be used to restore the film for an eventual HD release. This is one of the most important films in hip-hop culture, and it’s a great documentary in it’s own right as well. If you have no idea why, you can view the entire film on their site. Watch some great art being made, in a time where the culture we have come to known and love was in it’s primal and highly creative and to some, provocative stages. Also, see if you can catch the skinny kid that would later grow into Kay Slay, besides the icons of graffiti followed in this film. The site also features a real-time graphic showing the progress the fundraiser made so far.

If you decide to participate with your wallet you’ll get a mention in the credits of the restored film as well. Now that would be a tag to be proud of.



1982 was when Jaap van der Doelen aka J.Monkey shot his way out his mom dukes. A mere two years later he was already battling Big Brother and The Illuminati. Whenever he has time to spare from those efforts he writes (about music, mostly), hosts a radio show and designs graphics for a living. He lives in The Netherlands where he continues to be winning.

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  5. oh, das sieht schon mal reizend aus. da bin ich riesig auf weitere projekte und vor allen dingen bilder gespannt. ganz reizend.ganz liebe grüße von bonnie

  6. Times Incinerator! That’s the one. Blue cover – looks like someone photocopied it. I treasured it at the time – finding it in a record shop in Newcastle was like coming across the holy grail.I’ll look out for Grand Champeen, definitely.

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