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Techdirt is reporting on a strange anomaly they’ve found in ad firm GroupM’s new anti-piracy policy. They’re basically doing all they can to prohibit vendors from placing ads on websites they claim are ‘pirate sites’ like The Internet Archive, Vimeo and Soundcloud. Seriously. How they came up with their list?

GroupM’s own content producing clients — such as Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal Music and Summit Entertainment, which produced the popular Twilight series of vampire movies — have shared their own lists of pirate websites to help create a master copy

Yes, it came from Universal. The list also contains several sites from Vibe Magazine’s most influential rap blog list. They’re battling the music internets.

It’s absolutely mindboggling how such a huge player in the music industry can be so devastatingly ignorant of the current realities of that same industry. The fact that we’re still seeing this nonsense from the corporate dinosaurs is beyond describing. Many a page could be filled with my ranting but I’ll leave it at a simple observation, one that generations of music lovers can easily come to.

Yes, the internet has changed the music industry. The former model is broken and sticking your head in the sand while twisting the public’s arm to hold onto your prehistoric vision is not working. By attacking the same websites your own artists are using, collaborating with or seeking promotion from you are only alienating both fans and artists. The old business model will never return. Ever. Get over it and find a new way, there are still plenty markets for music consumption but you are willfully blind to them like a petulant child. You are fanning the flames to the Rome you set ablaze.

In the immortal words of Dark Man X: “Y’all been eating long enough now, stop being greedy.”



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