Beef Report: Is Consequence The Next Beanie Sigel?

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Published on July 29, 2011 with 1 Comment

Consequence – Everybody Told Me 2 (Straighten It Out) (Q-Tip x Kanye West diss)

Earlier this week Cons let loose his diss record against Pusha T for the perceived biting of a line. It’s been stewing for a while but Cons is going all out now, dissing the guy who once got him from behind the counter at some burger joint to resuscitate his rap career after he faded into oblivion when ATCQ broke up. Or something. That’s what that verse of his on Yeezy’s ‘College Dropout‘ was about, right?

Cons was a guy only the biggest Tribe fans remembered who suddenly got put on what would soon become one of the hottest rosters in rap. His mixtapes were family affairs and he rode hard for the G.O.O.D. Music crew. A crew that grew and grew, while Cons his role in it did not. Still playing a supportive role he had to see newer additions like CuDi and Pusha T create hits and announce highly anticipted projects, while he was still grinding in shadows that only grew larger. Then Pusha dropped his track ‘My God‘ and Cons heard him say “It’s the last supper for you n***as” while he rapped “It’s the last supper for you muthaf***as” on a track earlier. Cons was done with it.

Consequence – The Plagiarist Society (Pusha-T Diss)

After that he fired up some video editing software as well…

Really Cons, the video too? You’re trying to paint the man who’s the sole reason people are still mentioning your name as some kind of insidious puppet master leeching of your talent? You were a part of several classic albums and people checked your tapes, even if you didn’t crack the billboards with your solo material. But in the span of a week you went at it with a Beanie Sigel 2.0 intensity that already has people sighing, and none from the G.O.O.D. camp responding. This crusade can not end well. Cons to the quence has a lot to get off his chest, but career-wise, it seems he may not have fully considered the, you know, consequences…



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