BET Lifts Ban On Killer Mike’s ‘Burn’

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Published on July 20, 2011 with No Comments

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Why on God’s green earth you would even want to ban a video about a heated issue that actually starts with “Let’s keep it non-violent y’all” in the first place is beyond me. Maybe he should’ve put some ass in it? But it’s a different day today then back in 2007 when Little Broher was deemed to “Too intelligent” by BET.

They didn’t have Twitter. Take a peek at Killer Mike’s timeline over the past few days and you’ll notice he had people in a frenzy over BET’s insulting and seemingly inexplicable policy. Enough people were bashing the network on this other, more interactive network, for the old guard to take notice and act appropriately. It’s far from an Orange Revolution or Arab Spring but it does once again prove that the people do actually have the power to force change, as long as you’re willing to unite and stand behind your words.

Or at least chip in a 140 characters.

Cheers to Mike. Since the mood seems right for some more revolutionary tunes and it’s a dope song enjoy this video from Mike & Cube from a few years back. Power to the people!



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