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How did this move by me so swiftly? Oh No & Alchmist’s ‘Gutter Water’ was one of the greatest underrated gems of 2010 and Roc Marciano’s ‘Marcberg’ was, well, one of the greatest underrated gems of 2010. Not only does this collaboration get announced completely out of the blue, it’s already out on iTunes! In today’s hype cycle of endlessly revised/rerevealed/font changed tracklists/cover art/potential thanks list by the assistant studio engineer that’s a refreshing approach. Just record and release some dope tunes and let ‘em speak for themselves. It’s not that complicated (looking at you, Jay & Ye).

Of course a track got leaked to the interwebs, there’s a difference between not overhyping and not telling anybody, and I’m damn sure not gonna hate on a free taste like this.



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