Jadakiss & Styles Get Grimy On Otis

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Jadakiss & Styles P – Otis (ed: I’m not calling this a freestyle, no matter how much inflation the term catches)

Now this is more like it! It wasn’t hard to predict other emcees hopping onto this one but I’m glad these guys did. The Janye billionaire boys club better employ somebody to santize their seats cause these grimy mothaf***as left their footprints all over that throne.

BONUS: Skillz – Yeah, So What (Otis)

UPDATE: …and another one. They’re even saying themselves, a lotta versions out. Definitely diggin’ how these incorporate Otis’ melody into their flow towards the end though.

Freeway & Young Chris – Otis



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  1. Lol, this is the difference between Jay/Kanye and other rappers, I guess…other rappers can brag about whatever, drug talk, whatever, and it’s “grimy” and hood and gully and all that good stuff.  Jay/Kanye rap about the shit they’re experiencing (fortune, etc.) and it’s “soulless” and all of this other stuff…not taking shots at you, J, I like most of your posts, I just feel like this is a double standard that Jay/Kanye get held to.

    That being said, the joint is gully!  And it’s hard to beat the chemistry of Jada and Styles P.

    • Well, you have a point Walter, and I actually do hold Jay to a higher standard than almost every other rapper, because we all know what he’s capable of. He sounds like he’s on autopilot on Otis though, and even though Jada & Styles don’t exactly bring the original subject matter here either they do sound a lot more hungry.

    • You certainly have a point Walter. I do hold Jay to a higher standard than almost any other mc, because we know what he’s capable of. Jada & styles don’t bring the most original of topics to it, but they do sound a lot hungrier than Jigga on auto-pilot.

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