The Avalanches Reissue And The Chances Of New Sample-Heavy Material

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Australian turntable collective Avalanches haven’t released a whole lot of material since their awesome debut ‘Since I Left You‘ dropped back in 2001. Pitchfork reports that even though new material is still not on the horizon, an interesting reissue is:

The redux features the original album and a bonus disc that includes unreleased early B-sides and demo tracks, remixes from El Guincho, MF Doom, and Black Dice, along with Avalanches remixes of other artists, and more.

There’s no mention of the elephant in the room though; Is it profitable for any label to even release new material like this in 2011 and beyond? The fallout of the sample laws brought into effect after the release of classic hip-hop albums like ‘Three Feet High and Rising,’ It Takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back‘ and ‘Pauls Boutique‘ was that the commercial release of such rich sample-collages was basically prohibited by law, and even with less samples, still many songs in rap history have been laid to rest on the cutting room floor due to clearance issues.

A whole team of lawyers worked on clearing the samples for ‘Since I Left You‘ and it eventually garnered a hit single, but with record sales as they are now it seems like the stakes are much higher for a group to even make a hit single like that worthwhile for a label. This is all speculation but it seems obvious another huge sample-collage is a big risk for a label, why do you think nobody offered ‘Girl Talk‘ a record deal yet?

For now, I’ll be happy with anything by these guys I haven’t heard yet and the DOOM remix certainly has me intrigued. Enjoy this Stereolab remix the label put up on Soundcloud.



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