The Bullitts Ft. Jay Electronica – Run & Hide (Video)

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Published on July 28, 2011 with 10 Comments

Look who suddenly reared his head again. While we’re all debating wether Roc Nation will ever let J.Cole release an album (they’re probably just waiting ’til the climate has changed enough for the winter to be a Cole Summer or something) that other dude they signed released a video. It’s a short film in a French noir setting, which looks cool but will surely have many people skipping ahead to the song (about halfway in) since it also utilizes the tempo of those films, which isn’t exactly breakneck speed. If you take your time you’ll see some nice pics though, and hear a good looking girl speak French. Even if that’s all you take away from it I’d say that’s still not a bad way to spend 9:38 of your time. And it’s not a soda pop commercial either!

Jay’s lyrics:
Sentimental rain drops
The tears fall in increments
Like incremental pain drops
That wash away the stained spots
The Western World is just a hive of Scum and Villainy
That’s why Superheroes wear disguises in trilogies.
When the future is uncertain,
And the wizard is just a man inside the booth behind the curtain
Behaving like a serpent
With a bag full of everything,
Except your home,
Just remember, be yourself,
And accept your own,
Or Run & Hide…

While I fully support his efforts of taking his time to craft a dope album and not let the hype rush him, I feel a wee bit obligated to point out that the aforementioned hype is already pretty much dead at this point. If they won’t even let Cole, who’s on blogs every other day, drop a project then how will they let the guy creating weird black ‘n white, subtitled short films while steadily killing his buzz put out a commercial album? Just sayin’, they’re still running a business, man. What I’m trying to say in this rambling manner is basically, uhm, Jay & Jay? Un album de Jay Electronica, s’il vous plait. Il serait très apprécié. Merci.

Sidenote: Speaking of Cole, he nixed his next mixtape. I guess that’s a good sign?

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  1. “I’m a grown man. I’m mapping out everything that I wanna do and I’m doing it the way I wanna do. I’m 76 trillion years-old” – Jay Electronica (“Girlfriend”)

  2. While we’re all debating wether Roc Nation will ever let J.Cole release
    an album (they’re probably just waiting ’til the climate has changed
    enough for the winter to be a Cole Summer or something)

    ^^^ you might be the only blogger who doesnt know j Cole’s album is coming out 9/27/2011… he said it a few weeks ago…

  3. is it me ordoes that dude jay weak sound weak and suspect…is that dude even relevant..garbage lyrics, garbage image, garbage videos…is that dude a rapper or sanitation worker…maybe its just me…anyway
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    • you are an asshat..just sayin

  4. The hype on Jay Elec might very well be “dead,” but I, for one, will buy that shit the day it drops (if it ever drops….which I’m not holding my breath). Fuck, they could put out an album with like half of Style Wars remastered and Exhibits A and C, and I’d buy that shit. But then again I’m just stannin…

    • Co-sign, but Roc Nation is a multi-million dollar company and I don’t think they get down like that.

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