TRU Presents: The 10 Greatest Wu-Tang Videos

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Remember Cappadonna’s ‘Milk The Cow‘? It was one of the highlights on his solo debut in 1998 so I was surprised to suddenly see a video pop up online that I had never seen. The Forbez DVD channel has an explanation though:

It’s not a new song but this is the first installment to a series called “Forbez Flashback” Where ForbezDVD shoots videos for songs that should of always had videos.

Reminiscing on Wu videos then commenced. If there’s one crew who’s unique aesthetic lead to some awesome videos it’s them Shaolin swordsmen, so TRU proudly presents it’s list of The 10 Greatest Wu-Tang Videos.

10. Wu-Tang Clan – Triumph
Triumph was a monster from the era when millions were spent on videos, literally. The then top notch special effects haven’t exactly aged like fine wine but the spectacle directed by Brett Rattner still manages to get the average Wu-disciple more hyper than ya average JFK-sniper.

9. ODB – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Ol’ Dirty knew how to party and clearly demonstrates it in the awesome video to this perennial dancefloor-filler. You gotta love that suit (really, you gotta, Shaolin law says so. At least that’s what I believe).

8. Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin
The Wu’s affinity for the noble board game of wartime strategy leads to interesting visuals in a rugged video that reinforces the notion that a good idea is all it takes to create something unique.

7. Raekwon – Shaolin vs WuTang
The Chef proves that the Wu can still create enticing imagery in this decade as well. Animated ninjas jump around the studio leaving carnage in their wake while Rae stoically records the opening track to his latest epic.

6. Wu-Tang Clan – Gravel Pit
This is a music video set in a fictional stone age where the Wu fights off kung-fu assailants who are eventually attacked by dinosaurs. Let me repeat that: Kung-fu fights and dinosaurs. How this video isn’t lauded with truckloads of awards is beyond me.

5. Method Man & Mary J. Blige – All I Need
Meth & Mary J lay down a tale of romance from a rooftop with a great view of the city. Who knew a love jam could be this rugged? Meth & Mary J, that’s who.

4. Wu-Tang & Onyx – The Worst
This often overlooked gem from Wu’s catalogue was on the soundtrack to ‘The Ride‘ before it landed on an Onyx album as well. As if the casually cool intro with Rae in the diner wasn’t enough, take a peek at the car scene with Tical and Sticky Fingaz and tell me this doesn’t belong on the list.

3. ODB – Brooklyn Zoo (original version)
Brooklyn Zoo has two awesome videos, but while Ason Unique wildin’ out in a dirty staircase is cool, this Chinatown street parable is an undeniable classic. The scene with the fireworks? Priceless.

2. Ghostface Killah Ft. Raekwon & Cappadonna – Daytona 500
Editing old Speed Racer cartoon footage to seamlessly fit the pace of this track from Ghost’s solo debut was an unusual artistic choice that worked brilliantly. This type of video-sampling would later inspire scores of fans to try their hand at flooding YouTube with homemade videos for various songs but few matched the impact of the original. Ghostface Killaaaaaaaah!

1. Genius/Gza Ft. Method Man, Rza, Ghostface & Killah Priest – Shadowboxing/4th Chamber
There are tons of classic videos from the Clan but this dual video from ‘Liquid Swords’ is like a modern interpretation of a Shaw Brothers epic. The battlefield drama, the banners with Wu emblems and not one, but two classic songs! Can I get a SUUUUUUUU?

BONUS VIDEO: Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To F*ck With
Just so you know.

Feel free to drop your own favorites in the comments!



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  1. This is the one that I love the most: ODB – Brooklyn Zoo. 

  2. The video for House of Flying Daggers is better than Sholin vs Wu Tang

    • I was just about to post this exact same thing, that’s my favourite Wu video of the past decade

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