A Salute To Kase2

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Case aka Kase2 passed away yesterday. He was known to many as the one-armed wonder from Style Wars (of which you can watch a scene above) and was a pioneer in hip-hop culture. He battled lung cancer at the age of 53 and unfortunately, has now lost that battle. Below is a heartfelt statement by friend and collaborator Ket One.

Today, August 14, 2011 we lost a graffiti king in Case2. He succumbed to his battle with lung cancer at 2am at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx according to his good friend and protege Nome. At 53 years of age, Case2, has moved on from this life and will be greatly missed by friends and family.

Case2/Kase2/Casey Case/ or just plain the King of Style as he often referred to himself was a giant in the graffiti and aerosol art movement. Raised in the South Bronx, he began painting trains early in his youth and quickly developed a strong style. Along with his partner Butch 2 they created many beautiful whole cars many with the characters that he so much enjoyed painting. My the mid-late 70s he was painting with the TDS crew and carrying the TFP flag as well. In the late 70s and early 80s his style was fierce and he became a true innovator with an ability to bend and camouflage letters like no one else. His appearance in the film Style Wars made him star beyond New York City and solidified him as a true celebrity.

Through out his life he proved that he had an amazing gift as a painter creating works of art as a double amputee that others in the movement could not. He was an example of what a style writer was and could be. His style has influences thousands around the world reaching them both in film and in print via the book Subway Art. Years later his crew members and disciples Sento and Stak would continue to spread the TFP style.

Beyond graffiti Case was a tough man and was feared. He was quick to hand out smacks and punches if he thought it necessary. No one wanted to have beef with Case back in the days. It wasn’t wise at all.

This street tough mentality landed him into the police custody many times and through out the years I knew him he was more in prison than out. It was sad to see but he always took it in stride knowing that it was only a temporary set back. He continued to draw in prison always and shared his talent with his friends in the beautifully designed letters he would mail out.

Today we mourn our friend Jeffrey aka Case2. The world will never forget you!

Love and respect always. May you rest in peace.




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