Snap Judgement: Lil Wayne Ft. Drake – She Will

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Lil Wayne Ft. Drake – She Will

The latest single off Tunechi’s upcoming album is a very different beast than ‘6 Foot, 7 Foot’ is. No stream of thought punchlines over trunkrattling drums here, but an atmospheric Jim Guthrie sample (who apparently didn’t know about being sampled. Ruh roh.) on which Wayne drops metaphors that are equally atmospheric and often contain a sense of melancholy you wouldn’t expect from a track with subject matter like this; a woman, attracted to the fame and power and willing to do basically anything he can come up with. “I’m in hell’s kitchen with a hairnet and an apron” says Wayne, shortly followed with “Karma is a bitch, well, just make sure that bitch is beautiful.”

TRU’s own Aaron J. McKrell was annoyed by the seemingly disparate lines in the track, here’s what he had to say about it: “Wayne’s metaphors are clever as usual, but the fact that each line has nothing to do with the last betrays that Wayne is saying nothing on this song. Not nothing in the “oh, he’s just talking about riding around his hood on a drive-by mission” sense, but literally not having any theme or reason for this song, other than to make money.”

Aaron might be right, and Weezy could just be spouting off random rhymes that he thinks sound cool, while I read way too much into it, but I don’t think so. Wayne acts like he’s trying to do his regular tough guy posturing, but there are glimmers of regret within: “Some people hang you out to dry like a towel rack, I’m all about I, take the rest of the vowels back.”

That’s where the woman comes in, who’s like a drug, an amnesiac, a way to loose himself for a moment and forget about what’s troubling him. Drake provides the hook and even though the chorus is on the long side it does exemplify the doubt that is felt, underscored by the halfway singing/rapping that fits the track better than in some of his work. This theme bubbling under the surface of the song is driven home in the ad-libs at the end, just as the beat fades away, Wayne croaks “I think I love her,” which seems in direct opposition with his previous boasts but further complicates his need for her while simultaneously makes her loose her abilities as a temporary fix.

Biggest star of the show however, is the beat, since without it the track would probably sound like another lame duck players anthem, with a handful of fun metaphors. That makes it as viable for Hot97 as for Benji B on BBC radio, an overlap not a lot of tracks manage to accomplish. And the hypnotic vibe it brings, coupled with a few ambiguous lines, make it possible to read a whole different story between the lines. Some may say it’s not even there, but it does make for an intrigueing listening experience.




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