Still Watching The Throne: How Did It Manage to Stay Leak-Free?

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Published on August 07, 2011 with 1 Comment

Another day, another smidgen of Throne Watching promo material for your enjoyment. Still no sign of the leak though, with only one more day in sight ’til the official release date it seems these guys are really going to make it. Honestly, the hype machine is getting pretty tiresome by now so I’ll be glad to finally form my own opinion on it come tomorrow. It’s astonishing that with anticipation mounting so high in this game of rap they managed to keep this under the lid. We can only speculate if selling it digitally prior to the physical release was instrumental in this, but it is the most exceptional step in the marketing strategy.

Talking about it over a beer with a couple friends we remarked upon the fact that this is the first time in years such a major record didn’t leak. They didn’t think that it would add much to the sales though. In their words “who the hell still buys records without having listened to them?” And they certainly have a point. Jay & Ye now that on August 8th everybody who wants to download it for free will be able to. But around the day the leak normally hits the web people who are whipped into a frenzy by the hype will now be able to pay for it as well. They have succeeded in releasing the free and paid download simultaneously, with relatively little effort. So when the marketing plan goes completely crescendo and everyone online is talking about it, people will be able to buy it instead of being forced to wait for a few weeks, possibly losing interest. Those that wish to buy a physical release will still be able to, at the same time they normally would. They made sure to give them something special with the packaging as well, justifying the added value of a physical release for those interested. So if it doesn’t add to the sales, it’s pretty much a given that it won’t hurt them either. Measuring the difference between this strategy and the regular release, with the involuntary leak, is impossible, unfortunately. But having successfully prevented a leak will have the dinosaurs at the labels salivating at the least, so if this hits the iTunes charts expect them to start applying it to more ‘event’ records.

Below are the previously released teaser trailer and behind the scenes mini-documentary.



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  1. I think your Friends make a very valid argument, you should listen to them

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