Watch the Throne Artwork a Middle Finger to Conspiracy Theorists

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Published on August 08, 2011 with 5 Comments

Watch the Throne has finally docked. The music will dominate discussion for the next 200 million years, naturally. But I also expect the rap Illuminati watchdogs to unload a series of posts dissecting the artwork. I’m sure they’ll find the packaging intriguing.

In addition to the Riccardo Tisci-laced cover, which has been out for awhile, there are two solo shots of JAY-Z and Kanye West. A third image shows an angel with a black star on her face. Hov and Yeezy are portrayed as nightmarish figures with fangs and whiskers. They’re clearly a cross between vampires and cats. Predators. Blood-sucking predators. It represents what the pair believes it’s about to or is currently doing to the game: killing y’all. Welcome to the jungle.

These images are then surrounded with mystic symbols, which leads to my next point. It’s a direct fuck you to the Illuminati/mason/satanists conspiracy theorists. I’m sure if you stare at Ye’s face long enough it forms a pyramid. C’mon, can’t you see the eye of Horus on the American flag?

Believe what you want, but these guys are clearly unfazed by the chatter.


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  1. Illuminati dominating every powerful hip hop conversation these days…

  2. Being unfazed by chatter doesn’t mean you should be all down with embracing the shit.  The fuck?

  3. That elaborate poster, I’m under a strong impression it folds into some sort of devilish figure, haven’t figured it out yet but it’s there without a doubt

  4. These guys have no skill or talent they suck and so does their music, stop buying their crap you fucking sheeple.

  5. Lol people who believe the Illuminati is anything but a group of people from the early years of America are fucking stupid. Get a grip.

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