10 Thoughts Going Through Drake’s Mind on Take Care Cover

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Published on September 25, 2011 with No Comments

Drake unveiled the cover art to his next opus yesterday. The world immediately wondered “Why the sad face?” So the TRU Brain Trust assembled it’s foremost psychoanalists to form an educated guess to answer the question of what went through Drizzy’s mind when the picture was taken. Peep our 9 results.

10. Where’s my gold-plated wheelchair?
9. Should I click my heels three times and go back to Canada?
8. What’s that grimy stuff at the bottom of my cup? I swear, if Tyga forgot to wash the dishes again I’m gonna be sooooo pisssed!
7. Oh man, if this one sells like hot cakes too I’ll have even more successes to get all emo over. Life sure sucks.
6. Aw, shit. Yom Kippur is coming up in two weeks.
5. Man, if one more guy asks if I do YMBMG’s accounting…
4. Does Jay still love me – even after I appeared on “It’s Good”?
3. Should’ve told them to bring more triangular stuff. Now I’m stuck in this shoot with a stupid gold bird that doesn’t even look Illuminati.
2. I wonder, if i stare at this gold cup long enough, will it turn platinum?
1. I wish Phonte was here.

Words: Ivan Rott, Jaap van der Doelen and Aaron J.McKrell
Hat tip: Hafid Boujdi and Rizoh


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