Don Cheadle Is Captain Planet (Motherf***er!)

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Published on September 01, 2011 with 2 Comments

Remember Captain Planet? He’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero! That guy. Don Cheadle has just released an unf*ckwithable and slightly out-of-character live action adaption. Yeah, War Machine is pretty cool, but does suffer from a severe lack of green mullet.

Sidenote: As a young’un when this insane cartoon still aired I always used to feel sorry for the little Asian kid who got stuck with the power of ‘heart.’ Imagine you’re on superhero team where your fellow teammates can either cause earthquakes, shoot flames, create tidal waves or have huge gusts of wind throw your enemies around and you’re the one stuck with a ring that has a heart on it? C’mon son!



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  1. this show was awesome.

  2. You’re someone with such an excinitg life, and you feel like everyone else has a better job than you?!? Ridiculous! I love when you post your photos online of all the foreign locales you get to visit because of your job, and all the lives you impact as a result. You’ve lived a much more excinitg life than most people, and you shouldn’t be ashamed that you merely work with computers because in actuality, you do SO MUCH MORE than that phrase denotes.

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