J. Cole On Springing A Leak

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Published on September 22, 2011 with 3 Comments

Hey, it didn't leak from here.

By now you’ve probably heard about Cole’s album leaking. By now, there’s a good chance you’ve already spinned it yourself and some overeager bloggers may even be writing their reviews already just to yell ‘FIRST!‘ into the blogosphere like they’re attention-starved comment thread guppies in 2008. The new prince of the ROC himself isn’t sweating the effects though, as he told Vibe.

If anything the leak will reach out to more people who might be like ‘ah man, let’s go get this.’ So you know, it’s kind of like promotion these days–if you got a good album. If you don’t have a good album–they’ll just trash you. There’s been worse leaks than that so I understand it’s a part of the game–I always understood that. As long as people hear it together–it’s cool. I just know that people who are going to buy it were going to buy it anyways and the people weren’t–probably weren’t anyways.

Sounds like a man who’s confident about his craft. You can officially find out if the confidence is deserved or not on September 27th.



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  1. Never listened to more than a single or two from J.Cole but I spun a couple tracks from this Album and I’m gonna be picking it up Tuesday along with Evidence “Cats & Dogs”.

    What are the best mixtapes from this dude?

    • Friday Night Lights is very good. Also, The Come Up and The Warm Up are dope.

  2. This guy right here is the future .. his album is 5 mics in my book


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