Never Forget: Bun B on 9/11

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Ten years ago today, America was forced to learn the hard way that no country is ever invulnerable. Unrivaled military power and the world’s largest economy are not sufficient in guaranteeing safety, the harsh truth is that nothing really is. In the years after, the tragedies of that day were transformed into political capital by various factions. Invoking the memory of 9/11 seemed to instantly negate legitimate discussion, turning reasonable arguments into little more than flagwaving pissing contests. The terror inflicted upon the US was abused to rationalize human rights violations, intrusive and potentially oppressive laws, multiple wars, and the lowering of the ideological standards America, and to a larger extent, the entire western world, defines itself by. Much to get cynical about. But I’m glad Bun B shared a personal memory of that Tuesday ten years ago on Twitter today. There are countless of those tales, and luckily for Bun, his story ends happier than many others did. It’s far too easy to associate the term 9/11 with the ugliest of politics and get caught up in cynical discourse, but it’s those smaller stories of personal tragedies, of people fearing for their loved ones, and of others selflessly risking their lives to save those of strangers, that we should never forget.

Here’s the story one half of the Underground Kingz tweeted in full:

9/11. Never forget.
I’d just finished watching “Gandhi” @bunbwifey yelled from the other room “A plane flew into the World Trade!” Ran in and saw plane 2 crash.
We looked at each other in shock for a few seconds, then jumped in the car. Drove to Yates and grabbed @princessoftrill and @youngbYNC.
Got cash, filled the tank, got non-perishables and water, went home, loaded my guns and waited. Around 2 I got a call. Mama Wes was in NY.
Pimp was mad and worried. Took a while to get her on the line. Half the windows in her downtown hotel had been blown out, but she was ok.
Eventually talked to my friends in NYC as well. People were distraught, confused and upset, but happy to be alive.
September 11, 2001.



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