RIP Sylvia Robinson

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Sylvia Robinson


Sylvia Robinson passed away at the age of 75 yesterday. While she may have become a somewhat controversial figure in later years due to some less than wholesome business practices at Sugar Hill it remains without a doubt that her value to hip-hop history is hard to overstate. When barely anyone, rappers included, believed rap could be viable on wax she rounded up some kids off the street willing to record ‘Rappers Delight‘ after several more established MCs declined (Though Caz would still get his name in the song, but that’s a different story for another day). After producing the historic smash hit she would be involved with another ironic record, pushing hip-hop past simply party rocking when Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s ‘The Message’ was recorded and released to much acclaim. Sylvia Robinson can’t be thanked enough for her contribution to the culture, believing in it’s worth when few others did. May she rest in peace.

Here are some responses to her passing from the rap world on Twitter:

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