Ski Beatz: Pilot Talk Beats are 15 Years-Old

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If some of the beats on Curren$y’s Pilot Talk sounded like they were styled in the 90s, it’s because they were. Two in particular, “Audio Dope II” and “Address,” were leftovers from the Reasonable Doubt era.

So says Ski Beatz, who helmed the bulk of production on Pilot Talk I and Pilot Talk II.

“We was in Jamaica with Stalley and Curren$y and I was about to make a beat, and Dame [Dash] was like, ‘Yo, why don’t you go to your hard drive? I know you got mad beats on your hard drive!’” he remembers. “I’m like, aight. So I went through every song. I had, like, thousands of songs on the hard drive. Hours. And I found ‘Audio Dope [II].’ I found ‘Address.’ And those were beats that I made in like ’96, ’97, some shit like that. I had never used [them], but they were always there.”

He didn’t change much, either. Pure proof that good music, like Halle Berry, has a way of cheating age.


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