T.I. Outta The Pen, T.I. Into The Pen

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According to CNN Clifford is already back on his way to serve out the rest of his sentence while he was released to a halfway house earlier. T.I. has employed a lot of luck and expensive lawyers in securing the lenient sentences he received throughout his career, but it seems the justice department now has a bone to pick with him. He was supposed to secure his own mode of transportation to the aforementioned halfway house, and apparently has been detained once again because they were not too happy with the use of his tour bus to get from point A to B. Reports say he should’ve gotten a simple van instead of the tricked out ride he used, which was in direct opposition to the “Hey convict, quit looking successful” law. It seems obvious that the reality TV show detailing his return to society will be delayed, but at least he’ll have a dramatic first episode.



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