The Beef Report: Fabolous vs. Ray-J

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Welcome to The Beef Report, your one stop source for all the breaking news on rapper beefs, and the general idiocy that comes with them. Let’s examine some of the most recent beefs developing:



Over the weekend, rapper Fabolous entered into a confrontation with R&B singer Ray-J over the weekend at a nightclub, over Fab making repeated jokes about Ray-J on twitter (no doubt the jokes centering on Ray-J being Ray-J). The fight turned ugly when Ray-J allegedly punched Fab in the face, and as then swiftly escorted out of the nightclub by security, and did not face any involvement with the police. Yesterday, Ray-J called up The Breakfast Club on Power 105 to give his take on the scuffle, and Fab called DJ Clue’s show later that night to give his take.

First, let’s examine the audio of both rappers giving their take on the situation. From the whole, Ray-J comes off playing the tough-guy card too much. He’s almost doing textbook chest-beating; yelling about getting respect and showing Fabolous his place, along with a number for other brags that sound silly when coming out of the mouth of Mr. “Sexy Can I”. Within the first minute of his interview, Fab clowns him on this, saying Ray-J tried to come off like he was some sort of gangster, when we all know it not to be true.

In terms of the actual incident, I think there had to have been some physical confrontation, otherwise Ray-J wouldn’t have been escorted from the club in such a manner. I think he probably pushed Fab or something along those lines, but a full on punch seems unlikely. I also notice Fabolous playing up details on his own side, making it sound like he was in control from start to finish. While we don’t  know what exactly happened, lets go into why it happened:

Take a minute and close your eyes: imagine you’re waking up in your bed. The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day outside, and you’re ready to take advantage of all life has to offer you. The world feels like a friendly place, at least through your eyes right now, so you see no real way that things will go wrong for you today. Then you get out of bed, look in the mirror… and realize that staring back at you, is Ray-J. The same Ray-J whose list of successes include being the supporting lead in a celebrity sextape, starring in a degrading VH1 reality dating show, and being the little brother to your famous sister. On top of that, you are constantly the butt of jokes of everyone in the Rap community, whether you’re doing something ignorant that day or not. This is how Ray-J feels every single day.

And then there’s Fabolous, who literally has made his career into clowning other rappers on twitter with his hilarious jabs. It’s kind of sad when I haven’t heard Fab’s latest mixtape out of uninterest, but can tell you exactly what he said that morning on twitter. Word to the wise, Fab: when your antics overshadow your music, it has 100% of the time not worked out in the artists favor. Keep that in mind next time you half ass your next album because you were too busy DM’ing KING models.

So combine these two worlds, with Fab as the schoolyard bully picking on everybody for no reason and Ray-J as that awkward nerd who everyone laughs at, and you have a totally understandable confrontation. For Ray-J, there’s only so much you can take before you need to stand up for yourself and tell Fab to “fuck off” and quit with the jokes. And it’s not even like Fab hasn’t been in this position before; T-Pain and Soulja Boy are two examples of other rappers being clowned by Loso obsessively that told him enough was enough. We even in Fab’s recount of the incident hear him using the same slam that Ray-J was on cocaine that he used on Soulja Boy during their back and forth; even his comebacks show this isn’t new to him. If it were any respectable talent that stood up to Fabolous and told him enough was enough, everyone would be siding with him against Loso. But since the targets have been T-Pain, Soulja Boy, and now Ray-J- three easily criticize worthy “talents”- we all laugh along with him. Still, it doesn’t mean that these people don’t have their breaking point.

Look, I have literally watched “For The Love of Ray-J” with my friends, for the sole purpose of laughing at him. The man is, has, and will remain, a joke within the rap community, and there should be no reason why this confrontation should stop the jokes. But in a situation that is clearly a conflict between a bully and weakling, where the bully is clearly just picking on the weakling because he can and is bored, it’s hard not to at the very least sympathize with Ray-J for wanting some respect. Does he deserve it? Sweet baby Jesus, no.

For Fab, the ruling for him should be the same for any schoolyard bully: stop being a douche and get back to your studies. Your last studio album sucked, and you haven’t done anything to prove to us that you’re going to exceed expectations on your followup release. We know you have the skills to succeed, so stop picking on the weirdos and focus on your work. Your jokes are funny, and God knows I will read your timeline all afternoon, but at this point it’s a distraction to you from what’s important: your career. And next time you have a funny shot you wanna throw? why don’t you put it in a diss record, like every other rapper before you. That way we’re at least getting new music from you.

Until then, it’s detention for both of you.



Brendan is an English major at GWU in DC, and originally hails from Philadelphia. When he's not writing for The Rap Up or avoiding his homework, he's either feeding his unhealthy sneaker addiction or looking up humorous dog pictures on the internet. If you ever need him, play Aasim's "Hip-Hop 101" by moonlight and he shall appear.

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