3 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Check Freeway’s New Mixtape

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Published on October 26, 2011 with 6 Comments


Freeway has always been the most promising emcee to come out of The Dynasty besides Jay, so it’s good to see he’s carrying on the grind and carving out a creatively satisfying as well as commercially viable career as an independent. A good ear for beats, a thoroughly unique and hungry flow and a very distinct voice should peak the attention of anyone who can enjoy a good rap tune, but Philly Freeza didn’t really get to shine on his own and deliver on his promise until last year’s Stimulus Package with producer Jake One. Though he continued to drop tracks left and right it’s been a while since Freeway dropped a complete project and naming your new mixtape The Intermission probably won’t make the hype machine churn out massive wads of smoke either. Still, the bearded one has rarely missed a step, so it shouldn’t be hard to convince the average rap afficionado to give this a spin. If you’re still in doubt as to wether you will check this tape out, let me provide you with three excellent arguments to why you should:


1. Besides the always dependable Freeway himself it features (among others) Mayer Hawthorne, Trae The Truth and Freddie Gibbs
2. Jake One produced two tracks, one of which is a State Prop reunion(!)
3. It features a song called “Beard Motivation 101″

That is all.

DOWNLOAD: Freeway – The Intermission (Mixtape download @ Datpiff)



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  1. Check Out The New Music Video “Coast Life” By Members Of New East Coast: JreyMerkz. J-Ness, and Mallz Da Menace!!! http://youtu.be/O39EEwMFNwo

  2. I litreally jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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