Prince Paul Drops Unreleased Gravediggaz Track From ’92

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The house that hatred built (Unreleased Gravediggaz demo 92)

Oh sh…

One of their quintessential hits of course made our Halloween rap list already but this track that Prince Paul just let loose I wouldn’t have dreamed even existed!

This is the First song we recorded as the Gravediggaz in 92. It was the intro to our demo and it was actually recorded the day I introduced these guys to each other at my house. This track never made the album but It was one of my favorite productions. This was the track that started it all… RIP Poetic. Enjoy.

I actually sent a dissapointed mail to British label Antidote when I received my copy of the otherwise excellent Hip-Hop Gold Dust, a collection of rare and previously unreleased Prince Paul tracks, because the Gravediggaz track that was supposed to be on it got pulled at the last minute. They sent a cordial reply that boiled down to something like “we’re sorry too, legal isht unexpectedly came through” but they should’ve taken it from the tracklisting on their site and in webstores by now since it’s not actually on the record. Still, the interwebs helped me track it down eventually and I’ve included it here as well as a bonus. Apparently Prince Paul’s vaults run crazy deep since he’s been uploading all kinds of unreleased goodness over the past few weeks (including unreleased 3rd Bass) over at his Soundcloud. Best. Halloween. EVER.

TRU BONUS: Gravediggaz – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (Featuring Craig G)

Don’t you dare TP Unkut‘s house tonight.



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