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♣ Don’t tell Big Ghost, but someone found as many 10 cold lines on Cole World: The Sideline Story. #ColeWorld [Roc4Life]

♣ Do hit singles still help sell albums? As much as door flyers help sell Chinese food. #RizReport [Houston Press]

♣ Living in a poor neighborhood can make you sick. Literally. #Duh [Fox]

♣ Meanwhile, in Libya, they popped chicken-faced nutcase Ghaddafi/Quaddafi/Khadafi. #TheyNiggaDead [Huff Po]

♣ You want a Big Mac? Would you like a supersized beatdown with that? #McAsswhooping [TSS]

♣ Billionaire Naveen Jain thinks that the moon’s precious minerals as well as its mystique are worth exploration. #OccupytheMoon [Discovery]

♣ Cain: Jesus was killed by a liberal court. #ShitHermainCainSays [Huff Po]

♣ Is Hermain Cain your next President? More like your next Sarah Palin. #Lulz [Good]

♣ Oh Mya Goodness…  #HiMya  [Hip Hop Is Read]



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