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Okay. I give up, you’ve won, internet. I really didn’t wanna mention these dumb broads who feel they’re somehow entitled to using the n-word in a casual manner that is still highly offensive to many people who’ve bravely altered the course of our history in a struggle for civil rights. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then consider yourselves blissfully unaware and I’d advise you to try and keep it that way. This post is not for you, you can move on to something worthwhile. For me, it turned out impossible to ignore them as they keep popping up in my RSS reader, something like every other day. So for all you other cats, I’ve got a request.

Discussion on difficult topics dealing with racial sensitivities is something we’re certainly not opposed to on TRU. What I can’t get with is these three chickenheads with no discernable musical talent stirring controversy to acquire 3 million(!) views on Youtube, which subsequently resulted in a record deal for one of them. I’m not gonna link to them, I won’t mention them by name, and I won’t picture them here (clearer than this). Wanna know why? Wether you love them, hate them, love to hate or hate to love them, by talking about them you’re making them bigger . That is what got them this far in the first place and what keeps them in the public eye. They’re caking off your comments, disses or even dismissals. So please stop. Just ignore them, don’t empower them with your words, positive or negative. They’re not worth it.

That is all.



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  1. Intentionally ignoring them won’t solve the problem, mate. Dissent must be targeted and precise. Sure, their success is measured in populist terms – video views, google hits – but we all know that those terms are slippery. Youtube views show how many times a video has been watched, not how many supporters they have. To put that into perspective, let’s think about all the views that Brian Pumper’s “rap career” got during summer ’10. Lots of people tuned in to laugh at his shenanigans, but nothing came of that. Now, if Kreayshawn was on television, that would be different because people are paying for that. The worst that will come of her being targeted is that she, like her cohort, will get a record deal. If that happens, when her A&R folks try to generate a buzz, things will only be worse if curious people google her name and only see positive things. It feels futile, but dissent is necessary.

    “Whatever I’m saying’s real, I shovel the bullshit y’all throw on the game – that’s how I level the playing field.” – Royce

    If we don’t complain now, then when (if) she blows up, it will be even harder to counter her trash.

    • I respectfully disagree. Why should we care about them at all? They should be too inconsequential to merit this much discussion. Of course views don’t mean support, but 3 million views will have the label machine paying attention regardless of consent or quality. One of ‘em already did work for Mtv and signed a major record deal. Wether the record tanks or not, they wouldn’t have even gotten to this point without the controversy. At this point, any attention for them is positive attention, it only feeds their campaign.

  2. Best post you have ever had!!! These girls r stupid and make horrible music..and have no right using the N word…please don’t ever listen to their music..talk about their music or them…they r what is wrong with society and kids these dayz

  3. She’s not going to move units, so it won’t even matter in the long run. People will forget and move on. I’ll keep my fork handy in case I have to eat my words. Doubt it though.

  4. krey makes fun music. this article seems misinformed and claiming they all say the n word is just wrong. but instead of informing yall i would rather let the ignorant stay ignorant.

    • They’re the same crew though. If a person from your crew throws it around like it ain’t nothing and you condone it it does refelect on the whole crew, regardless if you use the word yourself or not.

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