Game – Leftover EP (Produced By Dr. Dre)

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Over at It Was Posted it’s time to reminisce over Game’s Doctor’s Advocate, and a convincing argument is made that it’s his best album. Without the titular Doctor’s actual stamp of approval Game had to prove he was no one-hit wonder and sounded hungrier and more driven than ever. Who knows, if Dre would’ve continued to support him back then he now might not have been able to still namedrop on surprisingly strong tracks at an impressive rate. So, thank you Dre for unceremoniously ditching your protege. It turned out to groom him nicely. Now that he’s buddies with the Axl Rose of rap again the time springs to mind when the Dre tracks were actually pulled from the aforementioned album, for ridiculous soap-operatic reasons. They’ve floated around online for years but here all five of them are, compiled into a handy zip. Since stray tracks in my iTunes folder are one of those things that will never cease to irk me, especially sans cover, I’ve made some appropriate artwork to accompany it (see above) so we can all pretend this was actually released as a neat package. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: The Game – Leftover EP

Beautiful Life
My Bitch
Still Me
Won’t Stop



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  1. That artwork almost had me fooled. You’re a fuckin’ genius, man.

    • Thanks! It was actually a rushjob on a shitty monitor, and there are some telltale signs of it too, but the idea behind it makes it work, I think.

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  3. Artwork’s dope man! Thanks for the connect…

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