The TRU BT Presents: The Ultimate Birthday Party Playlist (Happy Birthday Riz!)

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Published on October 10, 2011 with 1 Comment

It’s a special day at the TRU HQ as today marks the 30th birthday of the homie Rizoh, founder of this very site and the original Blogfather. To commemorate his life hitting the triple decades we asked the members of the Brain Trust “If you could add ONE song to the ultimate birthday party playlist what would it be?”

The results and their explanations can be peeped below, and you can hop on over to Spotify to check the playlist there as well! The TRU BT Presents: The Ultimate Birthday Party Playlist (Happy Birthday Riz!)

Sketch The J (Houston Chronicle): Jay-Z – Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…
The horns keep it lively, but let you know this is grown man’s party music.
It’s also fitting for the Roc4Life editor, no?

Zillz (Zillasays): Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
The ziller chose to rep Rizoh’s birthday with the “shimmy shimmy ya” jam because it represents a lot of things to me; dope hip hop, a party, made up words, and craziness. And it comes with built in mack game. Rizoh should never ever have to tell a woman how he feels now because , “ooooh baby i like it raw” says it all. Besides ODB ALWAYS get the party jumpin’.

Khal (Rock The Dub): Pete Rock ft. Jim Jones & Max B – We Roll
Over the last few years, this has been my stand-by “celebratory” tune. You can’t deny the way the intro hits you – very smooth, but should also perk you up. Then when the meat of that Kool & The Gang sample hits? Real heads know what time it is, but I feel like many still sleep on “We Roll” and it’s proper impact. Straight throw your hands in the air, just won the championship ring music. Cheers!

Jaap: Ghostface Killah Ft. Trife – Be Easy
Back when the first leak from Fishscale dropped, the Pete Rock produced ‘Be Easy,’ it had me bouncing off the walls with the volume turned up ’til the speakers distorted the sound. Years after, it still gets me hyper than ya average JFK-sniper and despite it’s mentions of violence it maintains a celebratory feel. Plus, Ghostface even mentions his birthday in the song!

Aaron J. McKrell: 50 Cent – In Da Club
When that song came out, it was like an explosion. I don’t remember a song before or since that had the kind of exposure ‘In Da Club’ had. In 50’s recent documentary -The Origin of Me-, there is a part where he speaks with an elderly white man from South Carolina. And guess what? The man knew the song. Plus, eight years later, that song can still get it poppin’ at a party.

Barbie Bardot (B3 Vision): Waka Flocka Flame – No Hands (Ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash)
In honor of the blogfather’s birthday, i give you a song about a girl doing “it” with no hands. As waka so eloquently puts it..will she let wale beat? Will she let Roscoe skeet? The song is so ignorant but it’s also so damn fun, which is what I want Rizoh’s big birthday to be. So crank this up, and enjoy your birthday! (and possibly find a chick to do it with no hands!)

Andrew Schweizer: Ice Cube – Smoke Some Weed
Beat is vicious. Head bob engage. Happy Birthday Riz!

Enigmatik: (Boo Goo Doo Boom) Mavado – So Special
Throw this in your set to update your dancehall playlist. Welcome to the old head club, Riz, and get ready to mash up di place Wednesday (figuratively speaking of course).

Ivan Rott (HipHop Is Read): Jimi Hendrix – Happy Birthday
Who else but Jimi Da Gawd to wish you a happy birthday and a real good time!? Happy born day to the one I dubbed The Blogfather (and with good cause)! Peace, Rizoh!

BONUS: Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 – The Birthday Party
More than 30 years after the Furious Five first livened up celebrations with hip-hop’s OG birthday party jam that kazoo still screams PARTY like little else. “Don’t get exited but it’s gonna be, the best birthday party in history!”

BONUS 2: Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday
Yeah, it’s not the most original pick among them, but since 1980 no birthday can ever really be complete without Stevie Wonder’s tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King. “Happy Birthday To Ya!”

If you’re in the vicinity of Houston you can congratulate the man in person at Zanzibar this Wednesday, Preemo is performing and he ain’t no joke.


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  1. my dad has the same birthday lol

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