TRU’s All Hallow’s Eve Rap (MUAHAHAHAAAA!)

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With the spoooookiest weekend of the year ahead of us it’s time to select some appropriately horrific cuts. Sure, turn on the radio and there are enough of those on, but that’s not the kind of horrific we’re talking about here. Wanna bop your neck to some midnight apparitions? TRU has you covered. Sit down, relax, light your jack o’ lantern and listen to some All Hallow’s Eve Rap.

Adam F Ft. Pharoahe Monch – Last Dayz
A dramatic intro to your demonic shindig, especially if you keep on the separate intro track that precedes it on the album. Apocalyptic sounds of laser shots and choirs build into a cinematic tension that climaxes when Pharoahe launches into his description of an extremely dystopian future. Drum & bass producer Adam F closed his hip-hop album on Def Jam with it but it starts a set just as nicely.

RJD2 – The Horror
While there are no demented psycho lyrics on this funky romp from RJD2’s debut opus there’s plenty of thrills and chills found on ‘The Horror.’ Perfect to get in the mood for a night out while still maintaining the atmosphere of the night of ghouls and ghosts.

Elzhi – D.E.M.O.N.S.
D.E.M.O.N.S. isn’t just a title, it’s a concept too. While the song describes many demons plaguing humanity it does so with every sentence in it actually using the word as an acronym for itself. An impressive display of intricate lyricism over a knocking Black Milk beat.

Redman – Rated R
Redman went toe to toe with a slew of slasher flick antagonists on this cut from his debut and came out as the top dog among all of them over a slab of Erick Sermon funk. When you “bust a maneuver on Freddy Krueger” you’re definitely “Rated R.” That’s a warning.

Prodigy – Mac 10 Handle
Prodigy heralded his first comeback with this track from his collaboration album with Alchemist ‘Return Of The Mac.’ While he seemed to be coasting on some of the Mobb releases preceding it, this track showed paranoia getting the upper hand over P and it resulted in an awesome track filled with almost claustrophobic tension. The psychological terror of the unorthodox video did the rest.

DMX – Damien
That DMX has more in him than barking menacing party anthems is proven by several tracks on his debut album, this being one of the standouts among them. In a dialogue with a devilish figure it’s revealed that X sold his soul to gain a shot at stardom. He should’ve put a clause in the contract regarding substance addiction though.

Big L – Devil’s Son
Waving automatic guns at nuns in a song was a surefire way to make an A&R queasy in the early 90s, which might explain why this underground classic never even made it onto Lamont Coleman’s debut album. A buddy of mine had the original 12″ for this but left it in the back of his car while the sun was out in full swing. It only took a couple hours for it to melt and loose every groove. Now there’s a horror story for ya.

Lupe – The Cool
Similar to the greatest horror flicks, Lupe’s metaphorical zombie story knows many layers. The conforming behavior of the story’s protagonist goes on after he’s turned cold and he doesn’t even realize he’s perpetuating a soulless existence without letting the autopilot go. Any similarities to real persons living or dead are purely coincidental. Except that they’re probably not.

Gravediggaz – Diary Of A Madman
The haunting sounds already start in the courtroom skit in the intro where Prince Paul flexes his muscle as the master of setting a stage by using merely audio. The insanity pleas in the song sound menacing, haunting and convincing, but the judge unsurprisingly locks the remorseless murderers up in the end. Diary Of A Mad Band remains the quintessential horror rap and the template for an entire subgenre.

Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me
The Geto Boys realized that there is one horror that will always be more terrifying than the most horrible monster imaginable: the terror within. Being hunted by a destructive figure that turns out to be one’s self can drive a person insane, if it isn’t a mark of insanity by itself. Keep a hold on your gloom, before you’ll be here’s Johnny-ing your way through a barred door. You know what Bushwick Bill said…

“This year halloween fell on a weekend”



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