Busta Signing With Cash Money? [Updated]

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TSS is reporting on an alleged signing of Bussa Bus to Cash Money. The ol’ Flipmode leader sounded reinvigorated lately on cuts with Tech N9ne and on that Weezy-less Carter IV song, but something about this feels off. First of all, the last time he aligned himself with the label on top of the biz (Aftermath) after he was the loyal soldier for quite some time, he clearly didn’t turn out to be a priority there and delivered a mess of an album. He also co-exec-produced Raekown’s OB4CLII over there but Rae had to take that to a different label (his own) to actually get it released. Now he’s set to release a new album through what’s supposed to be Google’s new iTunes competitor Google Music and the album is titled E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event) 2: End Of The World.


ELE 2? C’mon son, Rae had a classic that he made a sequel to but while ELE was a dope album nobody ever considered that a bona fide classic. It spells doom for your creativity when you have to harken back to succeses that were decent but never earthshattering to begin with. Then there’s a new song launched through a service that’s not even available outside the continental US, how is that supposed to help sales (UPDATE 1: the track is free, not that I’d know, being in Europe ‘n all)? Not that I’d consider buying it anyway, the song is a mess and features a dude I already thought of as annoying before he started beating up chicks and acting like he was the victim over it.

The biggest question is why you would sign to a label that is just going to use you as window dressing? While I’d like to see him succeed and understand the appeal of signing with the hottest label in the game, it makes no monetary sense for them. Busta will most likely be to the YMCMB camp what M.O.P. was to G-Unit, a shield to deflect hate, but never a priority. They have these guys:


They’re only three of the bestselling pop artists in the business. They don’t need to invest in a guy who has technically impressive skills but who’s commercially viable days are left as fond memories to 80s babies. The only thing they can accomplish through a Busta Rhymes album is aggravating the weed carriers on the roster who’ve hold them down longer than any newcomer can and are still waiting on their chance to release anything to the charts in stead of the streets the web. This can not end well.

Busta made a lot of dope records. He paid his dues. He shouldn’t have to align himself to the hot new label so he can hop on the street remixes to their pop singles or drop the hardest verse in their beef songs. But hey, let that dungeon dragon roar and maybe it turns out I’m completely mistaken. Who knows, I might’ve just been turned into a grouch by my fellow BT members forcing me to listen to ‘Take Care‘ (It’s not a happy record). Time will tell.

UPDATE 2: The rumor was right, the deal is done.



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